Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Types of Posts

This is just a reminder post that I'm asking on behalf of those of you who wanted a reminder about the blogging requirement for this class. I'm requiring that you write a minimum of three posts a week. Each post should be a couple or more paragraphs long -- nothing too scary, right?
You're free to write about whatever you wish that's relevant to our course, but here are the three categories of posts that we've discussed in class. Use these as a reminder of what you can and should write about when you're stuck:

1. Research-related posts. These are posts that share information that you're learning or questions that you're having as you research. These might be questions for the class, or for me, or thoughts about the sources that you're discovering. Remember to link to the sources that you talk about in these posts. If you're writing about an offline source, make sure to include enough information about that source so that we can find it to follow up.
2. Speech-class content posts. These are posts concerning the ideas and tips and content we're discussing in class. You might want to write about how you think you'll begin a speech, or the type of visual aid that you want to use (you'll be required to have at least one visual aid in your third and fourth speeches). You might write to express your frustration about what we're talking about, or questions that you have about how to present the information that you're learning.
3. Classmate-related posts. Sometimes, the writing on your classmates' blogs will get you thinking. Other times, you'll have questions about what they're up to. Feel free to write about their work on your own blog. Make sure to link to what you're writing about, and to quote any relevant passages for your readers. Also, you might want to drop a comment at your classmate's blog to let them know that you're continuing the "conversation" that they started.

I hope this information is helpful. Please ask questions in the comments.


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